6 Things to Consider When Buying Glass Coffee Mugs

6 Things to Consider When Buying Glass Coffee Mugs

6 Things to Consider When Buying Glass Coffee Mugs

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When you’re shopping around for the best glass coffee mugs, it’s important to consider what makes a mug great instead of settling on one that looks nice but has flaws you won’t notice until you’ve had your coffee. Here are six things to consider when looking for the best glass coffee mugs available.

1) Material

The standard glass coffee cup is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Heat-resistant glass is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so it can also be used in a microwave or dishwasher without shattering. A regular glass mug, on the other hand, must be hand washed and should never be put in a dishwasher, since extreme heat may lead to cracking. Glass mugs are also breakable if dropped; they should always be handled with care.

2) Shape

Many coffee mugs are shaped like a traditional coffee cup. However, they’re not quite as large as many people expect them to be. Look for insulated coffee glass cups with larger handles if you prefer something that feels substantial in your hand. A handle that feels well-made can also make it easier to hold onto your mug once you’ve added hot beverages like coffee or tea into it. If the handle is made of wood or ceramic, then it's possible that it'll absorb some of the heat from the drink and feel even warmer than usual.

3) Brand

The truth is, not all glass mugs are created equal. Depending on how they’re made, there can be huge differences in durability and heat retention. In some cases, a glass mug may crack or break when you pour hot liquid into it. When considering glass coffee mugs, don’t just look at price: pay attention to brand reputation and what people say about their products online. The brand shouldn’t matter as much with something like paper cups, but having a reputation for quality certainly helps when it comes to something more expensive like insulated coffee glass cups.

4) Color/Print

While you may not think a coffee mug’s appearance matters all that much, it’s an important factor. If you don’t want your logo or message coming off as tacky, select a mug in colors that are appealing and well-coordinated. For example, white mugs have historically been associated with medical practices and more recently many offices have transitioned to black mugs because they seem more modern. But consider also whether your business sells its products online or offline—color/print is less of a concern if everyone who sees your business is browsing your website.

5) Quality/Price Ratio

Although it might be tempting to try and find a bargain by purchasing an extremely cheap coffee mug, it’s important that you think about quality before price. If you buy a product that can’t withstand daily use and normal wear and tear, then chances are that it won’t last as long as one made of higher-quality materials. And in some cases, cheaper items simply break more easily than better options—and when they do, they usually just get thrown away. Over time, buying high-quality glass mugs will end up being less expensive than replacing those cheaply made ones over and over again!

6) Handle Design

The first thing you should consider when looking for a new coffee mug is its handle. Some glass mugs have a standard handle, while others have handles made from wood or another material. If you’re going for style and looks, consider buying a stylish mug with an interesting handle design. If convenience is your priority, go with something more traditional.

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